About Us

After many years surfing and trying to live the Surf way of life, we decided to open the doors to this house that will accommodate all the surfers who want to discover this fantastic surf city and exchange their experience with others. Also we aim to receive non surfers that didnĀ“t experience this “addiction” yet, hoping we can make a difference in their lifes.

The “Porto Surf House” is located between the beach and the centre of Porto city making it the perfect place to plan your vacations. Either you want to start your day surfing “Matosinhos” beach and spend the rest of the day visiting the most incredible historic buildings and monuments at downtown, or if your plans are more likely to wake up slowly, heading off to “Museu de Serralves” at just 300 metres and relax in those fabulous gardens all day.

Man on a longboard surfing a wave